Simple & Sleek Living Room Design

ImageThere’s something about this room that takes me back to the first time I watched 2001 Space Odyssey. It does have that kind of look about it; the kind of look people tried to recreate in higher end homes in the Seventies, then again in movies such as Blade Runner (save a few footprints and used drug needles) in the eighties. For me this looks extremely sleek and stylish – the kind of thing I would expect to find in the lobby of NASA or something like that.

The television is beautifully mounted, hugging the wall very tight, though personally I would liked to see them recess this and build the TV in. This opens up options for overlays and makes the television a less dominant feature in the room overall. Not that I don’t love television, of course I do – I just don’t want it to get in the way of my interior design for a particular room. Integration into mirrors (whether the screen is built in behind the mirror when manufactured, or you apply a mirror overlay kit yourself to a TV you already own) or an above-fireplace format… I know what you’re thinking – this can be a big safety concern. And I would agree; it CAN be. This idea that’s being pitched that you absolutely cannot mount a TV over a fireplace is not true – you just need a setup that is safe and allows the TV and fireplace not to affect one another.

With that in mind, a bio alcohol fireplace would look beautiful in this layout. I prefer these to the traditional wood or coal burning fires, as much for my ecological concerns as my design preferences.

What do you guys think about this room?


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