Wooden Tone Palette

I love the variety of colors wood can produce in nature. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to explore some beautiful countries, and I’m always amazed when I see yet another species of tree I’ve not come across before. Take a closer look at local artisans (ideally visit some carpenters, but you can get some insights from local craft stores too) and you’ll get to see a further spectrum of tones in the grain of the wood. Something about these often subtly different shades really gives me a sense of warmth and comfort, and I imagine this natural palette of colors would be ideally suited to decorate a log cabin, a ski resort lounge, a rustic kitchen… anywhere you want that sense of warmth.

wood pallete

It was this design that got me thinking about how different tones of wood could be applied subtly within a modern home design. I especially love the mixture of matt and gloss finishes, and how that plays with the light sources in and outside of the room.



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